london 30/8/14 - 31/08/14

The aims of Femifest 2014 were:

1) To provide a space for radical feminists to meet, discuss and have fun

2) To provide a healing space for radical feminists and specific groups e.g. prostitution survivors, and to try and build bridges, find ways to manage conflict and work together as a community effectively.

3) To showcase a range of services and organisations, and women who may need to use them and/or join them

Speakers were (links are to videos of the talks):

Femi Otitoju 

Prof. Germaine Greer

Dr Janice Raymond

Julie Bindel

Rachel Moran

Karen Ingala-Smith

Harriet Wistrich

Denise Marshall



After the success of FemiFest 2014, we are currently planning our next next radical feminist conference to take between 12th-13th of September 2015.

Further details will be released soon, and will be published on our upcoming events page.