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RadFems Resist 2015

  • London United Kingdom (map)

Following on from last year's wonderfully successful conference, FemiFest 2014, RadFem Collective present this year's event: RadFems Resist 2015!

Calling all Radical Women to come together to celebrate & enjoy a weekend of talks, workshops and radical feminist thought!

With talks from: 
Janice Raymond
Betty McLellan
Julie Bindel
Marina Strinkovsky
Sarah Ditum
Liz Kelly

& workshops on topics including:

Feminist Motherhood

Heterosexuality and Radical Feminsim - Fiona Davidson and Berverley Anderson

Radical Feminism: Rebellion or Revolution? - Betty McLellan

Tomboys not allowed - femininity and the male subordination of girls and young women - Lynne Harne

Amnesty International & Beyond: Let's seize the moment

Decolonising our minds through Lesbian and Feminist culture - Elizabeth Carola

ISIS, Islam and Women's Resistance - Houzan Mahmoud

Standard tickets £48 / £25 concessions

Note that we can not give refunds to tickets, except in exceptional circumstances. 

Those who buy a ticket will receive details of the venue by email, the day before the event.

Please note, the disability access lift at the venue is currently broken. We have been assured it will be fixed in time, but it may not be. We really apologise for this, but unfortunately it is too late now for us to change to an alternative venue. So if you have a disability or use a wheelchair, please email us before buying your ticket to discuss. 

Lunch is not included in the ticket price, but there will be vegetarian and vegan food available to buy at the event on both days! Prices will be very affordable. 


RadFems Resist is a women only, feminist event. Our conference is a space for women to share our experiences as women, to politically self organise for women's liberation and to celebrate womanhood in a safe environment. We welcome all women who were raised and socialized as girls to join us.

RadFem Collective will not tolerate prejudiced and/or oppressive language or behaviour towards any woman attending our event. We are opposed to any ideologies of oppression.

It is a central part of radical feminist analysis that gender is a tool of women's oppression, not women's liberation. None of the organisers consider ourselves to have an innate gender - neither masculine, feminine, trans, cis, gender queer, or any other gender. We are gender abolitionists who have been raised and socialized as girls and women *because of our female bodies* in the context of patriarchy. 

Women who view gender differently, as a benign spectrum of self expression rather than a human created power hierarchy, will find other events where they can organise with like minded people. RadFems Resist is designed by and for women interested in radical feminism and those who want to genuinely engage with second wave theory and women's liberationist ideas.