we condemn the no platforming of radical feminists


RadFem Collective condemns the "No-Platforming" policies of the NUS and other organisations, which seek to deny platforms to prominent radical feminist speakers on the grounds that they are 'transphobic', 'whorephobic' or other such labels. We defend the right of women to freedom of expression, and believe strongly in the right of women to define, and vocalise, the parameters of their own oppression.

We see such no-platforming policies as part of a much wider campaign which seeks to silence dissenting voices within the feminist movement, which include the voices of radical feminists. Within this toxic environment, acronyms such as 'TERF' (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) and 'SWERF' (Sex Worker Exclusionary Radical Feminist) are misogynistic labels used to invoke fear, reinforce the Othering of Radical Feminist viewpoints and prevent open expression of women's lived experience.

our work

RadFem Collective campaign to highlight the oppressiveness of no-platforming and engage many more individuals in the arguments against the no-platforming of radical feminists. We are supported in this campaign by gender-critical members of the transgender community. 

The No-platforming of radical feminists - a talk by Julie bindel


On the 28/2/15 and 6/6/15, RadFem Collective organised talks given by Julie Bindel in Nottingham and Sheffield entitled 'The No-Platforming of Radical Feminists'. These were a mixed events, and attendees included both radical feminists and members of the transgender community. The event was organised in partnership with Miranda Yardley, a gender-critical trans-woman.

are you a feminist or a gender critical trans person, who is willing to help us in our campaign? if so, please contact us here.

to catch up on a recording of our event at Sheffield, please listen here.

Julie Bindel at Sheffield No-Platforming Event, 6/6/15

Julie Bindel at Sheffield No-Platforming Event, 6/6/15

Miranda Yardley at Sheffield No-Platforming Event, 6/6/15

Miranda Yardley at Sheffield No-Platforming Event, 6/6/15

"i support this"

We cannot allow the censorship and silencing of individuals


The first outcome from our event in Nottingham on 28/2/15, sign your name in support of Beatrix Campbell's letter to the Guardian entitled "We cannot allow the censoring and silencing of individuals".

Read the original letter here.

Sign in support of the letter: www.isupportthis.co.uk